Abandoned Baby
Abortion Relaxation
Accelerated Studying
Accepting Alcoholism
Accepting Responsibility
Accepting Yourself
Acid Stomach Relaxation
Addiction Help
Addictive Personality
Adult ADHD Relaxation
Affect Bridge Technique
Age Regression
Alcohol Cessation
Alcohol Moderation
Altitude Sickness Relaxation
Alzheimers Relaxation
Amenorrhea Relaxation
American Football
Anger Management
Anger Management
Anger Management 2
Anger Management for Children
Anger Tool
Anorexia - New Beginning
Anti-Ageing Visualization
Anticipatory Nausea
Anxiety Release
Appetite Increase (Children)
Appetite Increase Visualization
Arthritis Relaxation
Asperger Syndrome Relaxation
Asthma Relaxation
Ataxia Relaxation
Attic Weight Loss
Attracting Abundance
Auto Immune Conditions
Automatic Writing
Baby Bonding
Back to the Womb
Balloon and Book
Be Confident
Be Confident (Magic Wizard)
Be More Outgoing
Be Relaxed (Magic Wizard)
Become Tidy and Organized
Bedwetting Relaxation
Bells Palsy Relaxation
Best Man's Speech
Better Basketball
Better Conversationalist
Better Handwriting
Better Posture
Better Snooker
Bike Riding Confidence
Binge Drinking
Binge Eating
Bladder Control Relaxation
Bladder Control Relaxation 2
Blood Pressure Relaxation
Blushing in Groups
Body Dismorphic Disorder
Body Image
Boredom Drinking
Boredom Eating
Bowel Movements - Pre-Schoolers
Boxing Boost
Brain Power
Brain Tumor Relaxation
Breast Enhancement
Breast Reduction
Breastfeeding an Adopted Baby
Breech Birth Relaxation
Broken Bones Relaxation
Building Muscle Mass
Business Skills and Finance
Caffeine Addiction
Camera Shy
Cancer Treatment Relaxation
Cannabis Addiction
Career Confidence
Chakra Regression
Champion Darts
Championship Cricket
Charisma Visualization
Chess Master
Chewing Annoyance
Chewing Tobacco
Child Anxiety Release
Child Fear of Flying
Child Meditation
Child Stuttering
Childbirthing Cycle Visualization
Childhood Defiance
Children Hypno-Relaxation
Children's Issues
Children's Nail Biting
Chocolate Addiction
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Cigarette Cravings
Circle of Confidence
Cocaine Addiction
Co-dependency to Independence
Comfortable Dentures
Coming off Anti-Depressants
Compulsive Lying
Compulsive Spending
Confidence and Positivity
Confidence at Work
Confidence Building
Confidence: Conference Table
Confidence: Crystal Ball
Confidence for Children
Confidence (for Hypnotherapists)
Confidence: Garden of Life
Confidence Kite
Constipation Relaxation
Control Gag Reflex
Coping with Caring
Coping with Divorce (for Children)
Creating Alternatives
Creative Painting
Crohn's Disease Relaxation
Cross Dressing
Cutting Down on Smoking
Dance the Night Away
Dating Confidence
Dealing with Divorce
Deep Relaxation
Depression: Healing White Light
Depression Relaxation

Diverticulitis Relaxation
Draw Love (Magic Wizard)
Draw Prosperity (Magic Wizard)
Dreams Come True (Magic Wizard)
Drink Driving Aversion
Driving Test
Driving Theory Test Nerves
Dyslexia Relaxation
Dystonia Relaxation
Easy Weight Loss
E-Cigarette Addiction
Eczema Relaxation
Ego Strengthening
Elective Caesarean Section
Emotional Baggage
Emotional Calm
Emotional Eating
Emotional Release
Empty Nest Syndrome
Encopresis Relaxation
Ending a Relationship
Endometriosis Relaxation
Enjoy Housework
Enuresis Relaxation (for Adults)
Epilepsy Relaxation
ESP Visualization
Essential Tremor Disorder
Exam Skills
Exam Success
Excessive Sweating Relaxation
Executive Skills
Exercise for Fun
Exercise in Your Sleep Visualization
Exercise Motivation
Exuding Beauty
Eye Surgery Whilst Awake
Eyesight Visualization
Failed IVF Relaxation
Fear of Anaesthesia
Fear of Authority
Fear of Balloons
Fear of Bees or Wasps
Fear of Being Alone
Fear of Birds
Fear of Blood
Fear of Blood Tests
Fear of Bodily Functions
Fear of Buttons
Fear of Cancer
Fear of Cats
Fear of Childbirth
Fear of Choking
Fear of Choking (for Children)
Fear of Commitment
Fear of Criticism
Fear of Crowds
Fear of Death
Fear of Dental Treatment
Fear of Doctors and Dentists
Fear of Dogs
Fear of Driving
Fear of Eating
Fear of Elevators
Fear of Escalators
Fear of Failure
Fear of Fainting
Fear of Falling Over (Balance)
Fear of Fear
Fear of Flying
Fear of Flying 3
Fear of Flying Everyday
Fear of Frogs
Fear of Germs
Fear of Ghosts
Fear of Heights or Bridges
Fear of Injections
Fear of Insects
Fear of Inserting Contact Lenses
Fear of Internal Examinations
Fear of Intimacy
Fear of Lizards
Fear of Loud Noises
Fear of Monsters (for Children)
Fear of Moths
Fear of Motorway Driving
Fear of MRI Scans
Fear of Needles (for Children)
Fear of Passenger Driving
Fear of Pregnancy
Fear of Public Toilets
Fear of Rats and Mice
Fear of Rejection
Fear of Snakes
Fear of Soiling
Fear of Spiders
Fear of Spiders (for Children)
Fear of Success
Fear of Surgery
Fear of Swimming (for Children)
Fear of Talking on Phone
Fear of the Dark
Fear of Thunderstorms
Fear of Travel
Fear of Trying New Food
Fear of Vomiting
Fear of Vomiting (for Children)
Fear of Water
Fearless Flying
Fears and Phobias
Fertility Visualization
Festive Eating
Fibroids Relaxation
Fibromyalgia Relaxation
Financial Worries
Finding Love
Finding Lost Objects
Firmer Breasts
Fit, Trim and Healthy
Football Confidence
Foreign Language Study
Forgetting an Ex-Lover
Freedom from Drugs
Fruit and Vegetable Aversion
Future Life Progression
Gagging Relaxation
Gambling Addiction
Games Console Obsession
Gastric Band Hypnosis Adjustment
Gastric Band Weight Loss
Glove Anesthesia Relaxation
Golf Improvement
Great Guitar Playing
Guilt Complex
Habits and Disorders
Hall of Mirrors
Hay Fever Relaxation
Headaches Relaxation
Healing Relaxation Script
Healing Survivor of Child Abuse
Health Relaxations
Healthy Eating

Heartbreak Relaxation
Height Confidence
Heroin Addiction
Herpes Relaxation
Hidden Files
Higher Consciousness
Hives Relaxation
Hockey Confidence
Hormone Imbalance Relaxation
Hyperventilation Relaxation
Hypnosis for Lovers
Hypnotic Gastric Band
Hypnotize Yourself
Improve Immune System
Inappropriate Laughter
Increased Libido Visualization
Increased Self Esteem
Infertility Relaxation
Inner Adviser
Inner Child
Inner Truth Meditation
Insomnia: Black Door
Insomnia Relaxation
Interrupted Sleep Relaxation
Intimate Sex
Island Walk
Itching Relaxation
IVF Relaxation
Knuckle Cracking
Learn to Swim (for Adults)
Life Changes
Life Energy
Life Script
Lifestyle Changes (for Children)
Listening Skills
Living Alone
Living in the Now
Living with Acne Relaxation
Living with ADHD Relaxation
Living with Allergies Relaxation
Living with Alopecia Relaxation
Living with Alopecia Relaxation 2
Living with Candida Overgrowth
Living with Chemotherapy
Living with Diabetes Relaxation
Living with Erectile Dysfunction
Living with Food Intolerance
Living with Impotence
Living with Irritable Bowel
Living with Prostate Cancer
Living with Warts Relaxation
Lottery Winner
Lower Cholesterol Visualization
Lucid Dreaming
Luck and Intuition Visualization
Lupus, Auto Immune Disorder
Magic Carpet Induction
Maintaining Weight Loss
Maintenance Insomnia
Make Your Dreams Come True
Making Decisions
Masturbation Addiction
Meeting Your Spirit Guide
Memory and Concentration
Memory and Learning
Menopausal Symptoms
Menstrual Pain Relaxation
Mental Blocks
Migraine Relaxation
Mind Clutter
Morbid Thoughts
More Downloads
Morning Person
Morning Sickness Relaxation
Mouth and Cheek Biting
Moving on in Relationship
Multiple Sclerosis Relaxation
Muscular Relaxation
Nail Biting
Narcolepsy Relaxation
Natural Childbirth
Natural Negotiation
Negative Emotion Release
Negative Release
Nervous Cough
Nervous Swallowing Relaxation
Nervous Twitch Relaxation
Networking Confidence
New Beginnings
Nicer Hair Visualization
Nicer Nails Visualization
Nicotine Craving
Nicotine Gum Addiction
Night-time Eating
Numbness Relaxation
OCD: Balloon Room
Obsessive Behavior
Opposition Defiance Disorder
Out of Body Experience
Overcome Bulimia
Over-Sensitivity Relaxation
Pain Melting Away
Pain Relaxation
Pain Relaxation 2
Pain Relaxation (for Children)
Pain Relaxations
Panic Attacks
Parkinson's Disease Relaxation
Past Life Rainbow
Past Life Regression
Peak Performance
Penis Enhancement
Perfect Parenting
Perfect Pianist
Perfect Poker
Perfecting Back Handspring
Personal Development
Personal Pride
Phantom Limb Pain Relaxation
Phantosmia and Parosmia
Phobia Release
Photographic Memory
Pipe Smoking
Pornography Addiction
Portion Control
Post Natal Depression
Post Traumatic Stress
Power Nap Relaxation
Powerful Public Speaking
Practical Exams

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome
Premature Ejaculation
Presentations and Exams
Psoriasis Relaxation
Psoriasis Warrior Relaxation
Psychic Ability Visualization
Psychic and Paranormal
Psychic Phone Line Addiction
Psychic Protection
Public Speaking
Quit Smoking Now
Rainbow Regression
Raynauds Disease Relaxation
Re-energised Facial Muscles
Rebuilding Trust
Regression and Progression
Reinvent Yourself
Relationship Addiction
Remove Facial Hair
Restless Leg Syndrome
Rheumatoid Arthritis Relaxation
Rock Climbing
Rosacea Relaxation
Rugby League
Running and Jogging
Safe Sleeping (for Children)
Salt Addiction
Saying Goodbye
Saying No to Sex
School Phobia
Sea Sickness Relaxation
Seasonal Affective Disorder
Selective Mutism
Self Belief: Protective Shield
Self Consciousness
Self Critisism
Self Expectations
Self Hypnosis
Selling Skills
Separation Anxiety
Separation Anxiety (for Children)
Settling in a New Country
Sexual Confusion
Sexual Enjoyment
Sexual Fulfillment
Sexual Issues
Shopping Addiction
Show Jumping Confidence
Shy Bladder
Silver Sack Negativity
Sinusitis Relaxation
Ski Slope
Sleep Apnea Relaxation
Sleep Talking Relaxation
Sleep Walking
Slim-plicity (Magic Wizard)
Smoke-Free House
Smoking Addiction 2
Smoking Association
Smoking Aversion
Snoring for the Listener
Snoring Relaxation
Social Drinking
Social Network Addiction
Social Phobia
Soft Drink Addiction
Song Writing Skills
Speaking Slower
Speed Reading
Sports Improvement
Sports Improvement
Stage Fright Auditions
Stop Cheating
Stop Smoking (Magic Wizard)
Stop Snacking
Stop Stuttering
Stop Thumb Sucking (for Adults)
Stopping Smoking
Stopping Smoking: Self Hypnosis
Stopping Smoking: The Valley
Stopping Smoking: Time Distortion
Stopping Swearing
Stress and Anxiety
Stress Management
Stroke Relaxation
Successful Interviews
Successful Self Employment
Successful Step Parenting
Successful Therapy Practice
Sugar Addiction
Suggestibility Tests
Super Learning
Super Learning (Magic Wizard)
Sustaining a Healthy Pregnancy
Swallowing Pills with Ease
Teeth Grinding
Tennis Improvement
The Healing Journey
The Joy of Reading
The Road To Granada
Thumb Sucking
Thyroid Imbalance Relaxation
Time Distortion
Time Management
Tinnitus Relaxation
Tone Deafness
Tree of Life
Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling)
Tricking the Mind
Tuning into Emotions
Turning Off Unwanted Genes
TV Addiction
Unlock Visualization Ability
Unlock Your Creative Abilities
Unrequited Love
Unwanted Thoughts Relaxation
Urge Incontinence Relaxation
Vaginismus Relaxation
Velvet Voice
Visualize Healing Yourself
Voice Projection
Wash Away Stress
Wedding Day Nerves
Weight Gain for Women
Weight Loss
Weight Loss: Alcohol Related
Weight Loss: Control Room
Weight Loss: Escape Prison
Weight Loss (NLP Type)
Weight Management
Work Worries
Wrestling Improvement
Writers Block
Writing Skills